Monticello Music Fest / July 27 / Indiana

Monticello Music Fest / July 27 / Indiana

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“Monticello has always been my favorite place to play. Its where I began my music career and everyone seemed to support me and help me gain confidence that I could one day be a rockstar… Its where my life long friends are.

One thing that I remember about my hometown of Monticello and sometimes laugh at…is when Mr. Dyer, the Lincoln Jr. High principal, unplugged my power chord during a school talent contest. I guess he didn’t like my version on guitar of the National Anthem. Then there was my first live show at the Reynolds 4-H Fair when I was in another talent contest. I was so afraid I couldn’t sing the three songs I was to perform with my band…I think the songs were “Hanky Panky” by Tommy James and The Shondells, “Little Latin Lupe Lou” and “Mary, Mary” by the Monkees. My dad and the band were so disappointed that I couldn’t muster up the courage to sing before the crowd, and so was I. Sigh.

Another 4-H fair experience was when we covered the band, The Kinks. We wore Beatle wigs, well…I didn’t…I already HAD long hair! We lip-synched to The Kinks tunes, “All Day and All the Night” and “Set Me Free”. Oh, yeah, Chuck Kubly, the Twin Lakes High School Band director, played bass in that group. He had quite a musical ear!

Here’s a good one…that one time at the National Guard Armory…I had borrowed a shipping coffin, painted myself with florescent paint and scared the bejeesus out of everyone at the concert when I busted out of the coffin during the song called, “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath, and at the end of that concert I stabbed myself (not really) on a song by Alice Cooper called “The Ballad of Dwight Frye”! The grand finale was when I death fell back into the coffin and The Abolafia Motorcycle gang carried me and it out on the song, “July Morning” by Uhriah Heep. Oh yeah, and the neighbors weren’t too happy with the coffin on the front lawn…sorry, Dad for my wild horsin’ around!

Man, what cool times in Monticello … The music just kept escalating from there. By 16 years, I was playing through the weeks in bars and strip joints, then goin’ to school the next day. Music has always been in my blood and still is .. just as bad today as it was back then.

Well, I am not bustin’ out of coffins anymore, but the boys and me will guarantee you a GREAT SHOW on July 27, 2012,  when we headline the Monticello Indiana MainStreet Music Fest! – - BE THERE!” ~ Gary Lee Jeffries

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